Deceive the enemy and take the orb

WOL is an online multiplayer turn-based strategy game in which 2 armies led by wizards fight each other using deceptive tactics.


Key Features

-Defeat the opponent by exchaging power for information

-Unique art-style

-Play online with another player or with our AI.

-WOL will be released with an SDK to create AI wars.

Additional info

1-2 Players
Mild violence

System Requirements

Windows 7 or higher

DirectX 9 video card or higher

Online connection

"When wizards discovered the hidden power of the orbs, our clans became shadows to confuse enemies. However, this knowledge fell into the wrong hands and changed the course of the war. Intelligence and deception gained prominence in the lands of Lezama. Only by destroying the orbs the spell will break to give birth to the light of truth. Dark times are approaching, but we do not fear them. We know that anyone who can be defined, can be defeated. May the light guide our destiny"